Tuesday 5, January 2010

By Malene Birger and how simplicity works

This Danish brand is an old favorite of mine. I first got interested in the gorgeous designs and especially the accessories – even have managed to get myself quite a collection. The website www.bymalenebirger.com is what I call a masterpiece in its genre: simplicity and style. The core of the experience most definitely is the high-quality images and the show video. Chance to be able to look at every little detail of each item is also very much appreciated. Basically that’s all I want to do and enjoy it every time. If there’s something to add, a webstore would be it.

By Malene Birger

2 Responses to “By Malene Birger and how simplicity works”

  1. Miss Hill says:

    Well, I had to get that necklace. Damn, it was hard to find, finally ordered it from California, US. A Danish brand, OMG.

  2. Miss Hill says:

    Finally, BMB has launched a webstore! Check out: http://shop.bymalenebirger.com/

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