Camper – The shoes I hate, the brand I love

I immediately knew I didn’t like their shoes. I will never buy and definitely never wear them. But goddamn, they know their marketing. I browse the site every now and then, get their newsletter and everything. I have told several friends of mine how much I like what they do (not with the shoes, with the marketing). Every detail, every tiny thing is thought through. I don’t know if this is even marketing, it’s branded entertainment I’d say. At least for me it is.

There’s always something surprising – there’s actually no logic at all. The quality: all the images are brilliant and the overall design concept is sharp. As it comes to usability, that’s an experience also: you basically know what you get, but there’s always a cherry on top of the cake. Either concept- or content wise, usually both.

The old Camper hit is Casa Camper in Barcelona (always fully booked) and the new hit is a shoe collection by the designer Hella Jongerius. I’m a fan of Jongerius ( Alfredo Häberli, who is known also for his designs for Iittala, now also has a shoe collection. Way to go Hella and Alfredo.

Camper is all in all a bit more than you would expect. Positive surprises really create the happy experience, and that will always take me back to the shoes I don’t like. That’s magic.



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