Russian criminal tattoo goes Paul Smith

Paul Smith sent an email, offering me exclusively a book about Russian Criminal Tattoos. Encyclopaedia Volume III. There was 15 signed copies available. I got the email on 23rd October 2008 and saved it because I thought it was cool.

At the time, I had just watched the movie Eastern Promises. Fashion is kind of an interest (obsession I guess) for me, now also the russian criminal tattoos were – as kinky as it sounds. Tattoos have a significant role in the movie. If you haven’t seen Eastern Promises, watch it. It’s a violent, sad and totally miserable movie. But it’s a good one.

By using this particular book in marketing, Paul Smith added so much attitude into its brand that I can’t think of a better way to do it. With or without the movie. When searching “paul smith russian criminal tattoos” from Google, there’s loads of results.

The product range and the overall service of is quite exceptional, for a global fashion brand. Paul Smith himself started the company and still works there as a designer and a chairman.

First of all it isn’t just clothing. Online it’s also a bookstore, a hilarious giftstore eg. Gorilla EraserLladro Sky Blue Cactus, Skis for Edelwiser, art store with Tara Darby prints, and last but not least even Paul Smith fine china. The only thing not up to date is the the Music co-op that has ended ca. 1 year ago in January 2008.

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