is so pretty it hurts

Anthropologie’s website not only looks pretty, it works like you would wish every webstore to work. After visiting their stores in NYC several times, I know they’ve managed to present the spirit of the brand really well online.

Anthropologie has been expanding it’s operations: they have over hundred stores in ca. 30 states in the US and presence in Canada also. The online store has been available for Europeans couple of years. The first European Anthropologie store opened in UK London in October 2009.

They provide a comprehensive catalog for inspiration at the physical stores on monthly basis, a catalog so nice that I would call it a coffee table book. It’s not something you throw away, as it’s way too well made. First of all, it doesn’t feel like a product catalog: printed on a quality paper, high quality images, beautifully designed, every detail in place. Simply speaking, it’s not catalog-ish. From the online version of the catalog, you can directly select items and add them to your shopping bag, and you can directly post every item to Facebook or Twitter. Nice and easy. And this is just a bonus.

The actual webstore is divided into four sections: clothes, shoes & bags, jewelry & accessories and at home.

For example, when choosing “clothes”, “50’s inspired dresses”, “circle” and “Around The World Dress”; you end up into a view with impressive selection of functionalities to choose from. First of all; you’re able to zoom the dress right away when mouseovering. Nice, easy and fast. Of course basic stuff like “open larger image” appears also, but you’re also offered to be able to download the dress image.

After checking out the basic info on the “Details” layer (material, size, availability, colour, prize, add to shopping bag, send to friend, share at Facebook/Twitter), you can move on to “Reviews” page. On that particular page, you’re able to read reviews and check out ratings for the dress. Cool! And this info is also made easy to share on Facebook, Digg, and MySpace.

To make sure to be totally up-to-date all the time, order the newsletter and download the Anthropologie widget (available also directly from the product page). What more can you ask for? Thicker wallet probably. 



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