NET-A-PORTER.COM simply rules


The main reasons for my blog being so much into fashion and design are:

1) I’m a big fan of fashion, and 2) I’m a big fan of aesthetics.

It seems to me that the fashion industry is the forerunner as it comes to designing beautiful sites and services.

A good example of this is NET-A-PORTER.COM, a fashion webstore that offers all the latest high-end brands. It’s good entertainment and a perfect place for daydreaming – if you’re into fashion, that is. It is a simple site with very simple features, but it has a very clear concept. You’re able to start browsing/shopping by “What’s new” or “By Designer” or “By Boutique” (consisting of themes such as loungewear, essentials, wedding, work wear or vacation) or just choosing the product categories (clothing, lingerie, bags, shoes or accessories).

One of the nicest new features is the “My Account” section where you can create your own wishlist – it’s simple but works well, and creates something concrete out of the daydreaming… It also includes a “My Closet” section, where all the products you have ever shopped from NET-A-PORTER.COM can be seen. You are also able to personalize your newsletters by selecting your favorite designers. It’s a very much appreciated feature, but still surprisingly rare.

The magazine section is one huge style book with an “Outlook Reminder” feature, which allows you to pick a certain style or outfit and automatically add it as a reminder to your calendar. The video section is basically about designer runway clips and interviews.

Last but not least, they do have Sales also – highly recommended.


  • Miss Hill on said:

    Again getting back to Net-a-Porter, but this a must share thing: Net-a-Porter is celebrating their one millionth order. Win a £ 25 000 shopping spree!

  • Miss Hill on said:

    Exactly: tiny details matter. For example when you have ordered shoes from Net-A-Porter, they are delivered packed in the brand shoebox, with the “official” Net-A-Porter band over the box.

    Thanks Mira, very happy to have you here!

  • mira on said:

    Yes indeed! Net-a-porter rules offline too: impecable customer service, fast delivery, nice packaging, often with something little extra. (Don’t you just hate it when you find something really nice, say a beautiful dress, and then they just throw it into a plastic bag…My favorite rant about a certain department store in Helsinki… Sorry, off topic). Congrats on your blog Miss Hill! I’ll be following you.

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