Monday 3, May 2010

Making Of This And That

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They all do it, even Dior. What? 

Films, where they show how they make an ad or a film. Well, it could be quite interesting, if there actually, seriously, would be something interesting to see. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not worth making that making of, if the only reason to do it is that “it just pops out anyway”.

The most disappointing is, when you’re expecting something magnificent and superb, and it just turns out to be a damn making of (and at the same time, they still introduce a separate, official making of). Just give me the real thing, please!

2 Responses to “Making Of This And That”

  1. Supervague says:

    I agree…usually it is moving version of the shoot, that’s it. Of course it’s always wonderful to see well-lit fashion movies with kick-ass beautiful models, but still…I secretly find them a bit boring.

  2. Miss Hill says:

    Exactly. And the making of never shows blood, sweat nor tears, it’s an embellished (boring!) version of the truth. Well, I guess sometimes the real thing is smooth and easy, sometimes the opposite!

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