Beautiful Ssense


First impression: is a breathtakingly beautiful webstore. It looks like a high-end fashion or design magazine, the only difference being the lack of ads. Perfect, sleek, stylish. Well, I really enjoy aesthetics, in case I didn’t make myself clear already..
The News-section is surprisingly interesting, providing articles on Architecture & Design, Art & Culture, Collections (fashion collections available in  and Film. There’s also a Lookbook, of course. Photographers is about incredible fashion photography – I enjoyed this the most. Publications leads you to awesome magazines, previews, books… I need to get that Industrie -magazine, at least.

Take the news -section as a warm-up, the real content is better. A webstore that is so simple that you can actually concentrate fully on shopping and checking out stuff, without wasting a second on trying to figure out how to find something, waiting something to load or thinking how this and that works. This is a rare experience, I tell you, and I surf the web (= fashion) a lot.

Highly recommended. BTW, don’t, in any circumstances, skip the sales-section. 


  • misshill on said:

    Thanks Laura! And look, it seems that when I’m positive, I’m extremely positive indeed!

  • Laura on said:

    Ms Hill you are so right – the site is absolutely lovely. And completely agree on the News (I did not know that turquoise is the colour of 2010 before!).

    Also, nice to see you do a positive review for a change ;)

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