The Most Beautiful Bicycle is Pelago

If you’re looking for a bicycle for a lady (or a gentleman), or a hipster, or for anyone who enjoys and appreciates beautiful design, Pelago would be the brand.

Pelago Bicycles is based in Helsinki and their first bicycles were launched in 2009. Pelago aims to make bicycles that will last 40  years: that’s an impressing goal. The website is a compact package consisting of the basic info, the crown jewels being of course the products supported with a splendid logo. They’ve succeeded in creating a serene and relaxed feeling that communicates the Pelago spirit really well. Something old and traditional has been successfully transformed into modern everyday life. Splendid design in both the bicycles and the website. Latest news is found from their Facebook-page.


  • Miss Hill on said:

    Indeed! I would have a Pelago too, but they’re out of stock – better luck next summer I hope. Maybe we should place the orders like, now.

  • Laura on said:

    A metacomment: Flow Festival had 99% of all the Pelago population there.

  • Supervague on said:

    Yes, this bike is on my shopping list, I love it ❤

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