I Got Nailed in Sweden

Swedish Hasbeens is a brand created in the 70’s. Sweden is the country of origin. Without a doubt, these fundamentals already tell (to us Finns at least), about an instant success.

The shoes became a real hit by the time Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing them. And the rest is history.

The funniest thing: I spent hours, hours and hours to get the shoe model and color I wanted. Sold out everywhere, especially the model I wanted. After hours, I finally gave up and lowered myself into checking the store info in the website. There it was: www.sisukas.net

An online store located in Espoo, Finland. About 10 km’s from where I live – and I truly had browsed through a mind-blowing amount of online stores all over. I registered into sisukas.net, found the perfect pair (amazing, the whole world was out of those shoes…) and got it delivered in couple of days. The Sisukas.net site really isn’t a crown jewel of web design or anything near that, but their customer service is brilliant, fast and reliable. What do you know.

Swedish Hasbeens has now launched their Winter/Autumn 2010 collection, looks good, of course.

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