Interiors By Malene Birger

My favorite designer Malene Birger has just launched a book: “Life and Work: Malene Birger’s Life in Pictures“. Unfortunately, of course, it was immediately sold out in Amazon. I find her style in home decor really interesting, even though in my opinion there’s a bit too much details and accesseries… Well, same style in her fashion designs: dresses, handbags, accessories, coats, jewelry and all that, it’s just perfect.

How did I find out about the book? By accident, browsing Their recommendation system works so well it’s scary.


  • Clarabow on said:

    I love Malene Birger’s monochrome scheme that she carries through in her interior schemes, stores and collections. Her clothing is amazing. I have a boutique in Worcester and had a seat at her SS11 show in Copenhagen this season. The harbourside setting was so cool and the show had a relaxed vibe…plus the SS11 collection is amazing!!
    For Winter 2010 her knitwear is gorgeous and check out the ‘Dellisha’ leopard print scarf which has sold out Worldwide twice already this season…

  • Miss Hill on said:

    I Visited Urban A in Helsinki the other day and they have this book in the store. The book is beautiful, as expected. Go and have a look:

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