My Favorite Necklaces

















































































My favorite necklace at the moment is the one on top, “Emine Natural Shell Necklace” by Malene Birger, made of shells (lots of small ones, one huge). That was my birthday present in January. I have been wearing it a lot. The other one, “Taninna Handmade Collar Necklace” was ordered today (a present from me to me…), since there’s a -50% sales at by Malene Birger e-store. I really love these big, chunky necklaces. Another brand designing heavy, dashing pieces of jewelry is Marni. But the brand is a bit expensive-ish, even the sales doesn’t really do the trick.

And by the way, what comes to BMB e-store customer service, both online and ofline, it’s brilliant. Plus, the shipping costs are only 6,95e and it takes ca.5 working days to get the order. Very nice.

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