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A Beautiful Closure



My new friend Kati had made this beautiful closure page for her presentation. I admire her eye for detail. Sorry about the quality of the photo, but I’m sure you get the idea. Have a lovely Sunday.

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Day 36, Friday 11th – The Design Beer



























I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a beer. Today I did, since there’s a design beer! Didn’t know that. First of all, I was impressed by the design of the bottle, because Estrella Damm InEdit has a shape of a wine bottle. The actual content is developed by  Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler and El Bulli’s sommeliers’ team. As one can expect, this beer is very tasty.

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Day 35, Thursday 10th – The September Issue



Back to the old school scene, magazines. If there’s an institution in the international fashion magazine scene, it’s Vogue. The September issue, also called “The Bible” comes this year with 902 pages. The first 54 pages consists of advertising. After that, only maybe every second page is an ad. To be honest, I like quality advertising, but too much is too much. This industry and it’s print advertising keeps on repeating itself. A woman with a product, OR women with products. If there’s a man added, he’s kissing the lady. After reading my bible, I have absolutely nothing to say.

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Day 33, Tuesday 8th – Iris Van Herpen



My favorite brains-off-hobby is to read magazines, especially magazines for women. Gossip, celebrities, fashion, make-up and all that fluffy stuff. There’s basically _never_ nothing that exiting or new, it’s just good for relaxing. This time, I was surprised. I couldn’t get my eyes of from the designs by Iris Van Herpen. She uses 3D-technology. Her work looks quite amazing, it’s like from another planet. I recommend browsing her website, it’s just fascinating.

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Day 32, Monday 7th – Sofi Oksanen



Last week I was suppose to attend this seminar, Toinen Aalto. Couldn’t make it, as unfortunately often happens due to client work. I first got interested in the seminar because of Sofi Oksanen. Her topic was art and marketing. Well, obviously I have no comment on that since I never made it there. What makes me admire Oksanen, is (of course her books) how she takes things in her own hands. For example founding a publishing house of her own, when she was not satisfied with the service she got from WSOY. An important example for many of us.

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Day 31, Sunday 6th – The Thesis



I think I have a good idea and concept for my thesis. I’m actually looking forward to work on it. Luckily I consider myself as an organized and target-oriented person. Setting up schedules is easy, as well as respecting the deadlines. My weakness (or is it really a strength?) is at least sometimes this anarchistic mindset not so willing to play by the rules… Let’s see if Pirkko Anttila get’s me on the right track with her 674 pages on research theories. Chocolate is needed.

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Day 30, Saturday 5th – Open Innovation Platform

Open Ideo ( is an open innovation platform for social good. The introduction says: “people can create solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges.” If you look at the recently completed challenges, they is no tiny issues. People are truly willing to contribute. This is global, but I’d like to see something like this on a local level, too. I’d predict if for example the city of Helsinki would build up a platform like this, it would be a success.

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Day 29, Friday 4th – Evolving Entrepreneurialism



Thinking about my thesis again. Once again, a framework copied from my design driven business course material by AFL. This one reminded me about a comment made in the class. “People are tought to be employees”. True. This particular framework gave me an important inspiration and an idea.

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Day 28, Thursday 3rd – Co-Spotting?



As I got interested in the other day, I had to go back. I’ve been thinking about co-creation, co-design and what not co, and what did I find: co-trendspotting!

“Thousands of trend savvy professionals participate in’s Happy Spotting Network, notifying us via email whenever they spot something of interest: new consumer trends, insights, innovations, and so on.”

That could be a nice part-time job. Like I wouldn’t have enough on my plate at the moment. Maybe I could sleep less, like 4 hours per night. If you’re interested, have a look at

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