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From London (And Paris) With Love



Orla Kiely asked director Gia Coppola to present their spring/summer 2011 collection: it became a celebration for London. Paris was celebrated by Dior couple of years back, that particular film was directed by Sofia Coppola. This Coppola-thing was not planned, I swear. Gia Coppola is Sofia Coppola’s niece and Francis Ford Coppola’s granddaughter… Didn’t know that. In my honest opinion, Paris so rules.

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Sofia Coppola And Louis Vuitton, Together Again

I’ve always considered Louis Vuitton products as… not so interesting. There was the logo, logo and the logo. A big golden screaming logo all over.

I was surprised seeing these LV prints with Sofia Coppola in them. Visually the prints make me think of ever so trendy Marc Jacobs (by the way, MC has a brand new website, will check that out later). Conceptually LV seems to be moving towards younger generation of consumers: for example Burberry (previous post) has succeeded very well. Last but not least, the products promoted in the new campaign carry no logo either, thank you very much for that.

The LV website still promotes the Journey concept, now with Bono and Ali, shooted by Annie Leibowitz. From the Journey print series, my favorites are Keith Richards and Gorbachev. One of the prints introduced Sofia and his father Francis Ford Coppola.

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The Sartorialist AKA Scott Schuman – Burberry Art of the Trench Interview


One of my favorite online campaigns is Burberry’s Art of the Trench. Scott Schuman AKA The Sartorialist took the pro-images for the campaign. Rest of the world continues, comments and shares. Great execution. Burberry trench is an iconic product, never getting out of fashion, nor does the website content. It’s a testament, as Schuman states in the interview.

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Emerson Made A Personal Website

Emerson Made is an American (NYC) fashion brand. They provide clothing and accessories (and soon also shoes). The website looks like an old fashioned scrapbook! I like the personal touch, it’s so personal that the owner/main designer Emerson does most of the modeling herself (photos taken by her husband).

All the Emerson Made accessories are hand-dyed and hand-stitched, which makes each of them unique. Their online presence communicates that value so well by being also unique and looking self-made. Simple as that. I must have that huge pale blue flower, definitely…

“EmersonMade is a company that believes in celebrating the uniqueness of the individual, the joy of being alive and all the smallness that makes up the Big Beautiful.”

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Tom Ford, A Fashion Designer And A Film Director

I just watched the movie A Single Man directed by Tom Ford. Ford is mostly known for his career in fashion (the Tom Ford website is awesome). A Single Man is his first movie which he also financed himself. Note that the production design of the movie is made by the team that also takes care of the Mad Men production design. I’m not listing the reasons to watch this awesome movie, because the reasons are already listed.

There are rumors about Ford’s second movie, he hasn’t confirmed anything though.

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Interiors By Malene Birger

My favorite designer Malene Birger has just launched a book: “Life and Work: Malene Birger’s Life in Pictures“. Unfortunately, of course, it was immediately sold out in Amazon. I find her style in home decor really interesting, even though in my opinion there’s a bit too much details and accesseries… Well, same style in her fashion designs: dresses, handbags, accessories, coats, jewelry and all that, it’s just perfect.

How did I find out about the book? By accident, browsing Amazon.com. Their recommendation system works so well it’s scary.


Sweet, Sweet Fashion

On one Sunday during the summer holiday, we wondered through the Bleecker Street in NYC. It’s a really amusing street with a lots of cafes, shops, delis and what ever you can imagine.

Hot and sunny day with no schedule at all. The agenda of the day was basically something like “eat breakfast and do what ever”. Well, mission was accomplished. An impeccable snack not to skip is a cupcake. The one above was bought from The Magnolia Bakery. We really stood in a line (!?) to get those cupcakes, the place is extremely popular. Because of that not-to-be-mentioned tv series with the four ladies. Ok, the thing is that the site of the Magnolia Bakery has been in the “new website coming soon” status for ages… looking forward to see the new one.

Another cool sweet thingy, about a year ago, was what the French tea salon Laduree created with the famous shoe brand Christian Louboutin. Beautiful gift boxes for macarones.

Earlier, macarones became a hit because of Sofia Coppola’s movie Marie Antoinette. Oh my.

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Vogue.com Redesigned

I read the article about the Vogue.com redesign from Mashable a couple of days ago. I just browsed through the whole Vogue.com, and at least right now I can’t think of any magazine providing a better experience online.

I especially like the airy layout with the big images and stylish fonts. The actual content is good and up to date – as always. But how to keep track of all the great stuff and inspiration? Now there is a solution for that, too: Lightboxes. You basically mark all the things you like, which means the info is instantly stored into your personal album, and share it with friends. Handy feature.

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