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Almost Good Marimekko

I bought my first Marimekko dress ca. 10 years ago when Unikko pattern was a massive hit. I still have the dress but will definitely not going to wear it anymore, like, ever. The pattern was systematically ruined with the overuse of it. This Spring, after 10 years, I’ve bought myself couple of new dresses by the ex-Marimekko designer Samu-Jussi Koski.

Look at their websites. Have a look at Marimekko. Have a look at Koski. Mr Koski has managed to create an online presence that is design-ish, stylish and totally convincing. Why does The Design Company of Finland look like a boring insurance company online? Well, maybe that will change soon, let’s all hope so.

The images in this post are from the Marimekko Summer News, a newspaper that was delivered with morning mail this Spring. I like their Summer News a lot. It gave an impressing review of their new collection, convincing enough to make me walk into their store – did some shopping too, surprise surprise.

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Sanna Annukka kicks a**

Sanna Annukka probably is one of the shiniest stars of Finnish design at the moment. This despite the fact that she’s living in the UK and is “only” half a Finn. Her somehow familiar but still modern style has raised quite a lot of attention.

Her website www.sanna-annukka.com gives a good, compact idea of what she’s all about. My favorites of her work are the designs for Zune Originals and the Soulbirds. Check out this one, recommended.

Sanna Annukka

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