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Inspired By Iceland

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“The eruption under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier in April certainly put Iceland in the media spotlight! Unfortunately it also prompted some misconceptions about our beautiful island, which is why Inspired by Iceland was conceived. With video clips, photographs and written testimonials from visitors who’ve felt a special connection to this land, this collaborative project has been spreading the word that Iceland is so much more than just an exporter of volcanic ash!”

Brilliant!

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Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani or Roisin Murphy?




I just enjoyed the latest Lady Gaga music video launched yesterday, directed by Jonas Åkerlund. Brilliant, cool outfits and all but somehow.. what’s new? I didn’t really hold my breath.

I still reckon Gwen Stefani’s What you Waiting for (2004) as the “music video goes fashion” moment of my life. Her energy with an attitude, the astounding, surprising Harajuku Girls -style, outfits designed by John Galliano… It just had all the bits and pieces together to create a phenomenon. And it did. Stefani’s video was directed by Francis Lawrence.

The third lady with a style would undoubtedly be Roisin Murphy. She has co-opererated with fashion designers for years, more about it in her blog. I like her music the best and the same goes with her online presence: up-to-date website, news blog, myspace, youtube, forum and facebook accounts available.

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Obsession with Nudie Jeans Co.

The damn video, it keeps on haunting me. In a good way, though. The Fine Art of Denim by Nudie Jeans has all the needed bits and pieces in it. And I didn’t know I like this kind of music? Well, I truly do.

Nudiejeans.com makes buying jeans nice and easy: they provide a  Fit Guide that really gives the idea how the jeans fit – so far the best guide I’ve tried. 

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Hit från Sverige: Elvine

A Swedish fashion brand, Elvine, caught my eye some time ago. Especially because of the stylish, affordable clothing line (will get Amelie for sure), but what really makes them unique is the story behind the brand – and how it’s told. Another thing I appreciate and find interesting, is that they actually DO stuff to support other creatives and designers, it’s not solely promotional. The concept of Creator’s Inn by Elvine is just brilliant. Go there.



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