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The Best Sites For Shopping Fashion

Check out Refinery 29’s “Massive Online Shopping Guide” – they’ve picked out the best sites. In case you need guidance what comes to shopping ;)

The web stores are divided into five sections: affordable multibrand, boutique, high-end multibrand, discount and department store.

I was familiar with most of the sites but got to know some new ones also, for example Otte, Oak NYC and Aloha Rag.

Good weekend & good shopping!

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I Got Nailed in Sweden

Swedish Hasbeens is a brand created in the 70’s. Sweden is the country of origin. Without a doubt, these fundamentals already tell (to us Finns at least), about an instant success.

The shoes became a real hit by the time Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing them. And the rest is history.

The funniest thing: I spent hours, hours and hours to get the shoe model and color I wanted. Sold out everywhere, especially the model I wanted. After hours, I finally gave up and lowered myself into checking the store info in the website. There it was: www.sisukas.net

An online store located in Espoo, Finland. About 10 km’s from where I live – and I truly had browsed through a mind-blowing amount of online stores all over. I registered into sisukas.net, found the perfect pair (amazing, the whole world was out of those shoes…) and got it delivered in couple of days. The Sisukas.net site really isn’t a crown jewel of web design or anything near that, but their customer service is brilliant, fast and reliable. What do you know.

Swedish Hasbeens has now launched their Winter/Autumn 2010 collection, looks good, of course.

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Beautiful Ssense


First impression: Ssense.com is a breathtakingly beautiful webstore. It looks like a high-end fashion or design magazine, the only difference being the lack of ads. Perfect, sleek, stylish. Well, I really enjoy aesthetics, in case I didn’t make myself clear already..
The News-section is surprisingly interesting, providing articles on Architecture & Design, Art & Culture, Collections (fashion collections available in Ssense.com)  and Film. There’s also a Lookbook, of course. Photographers is about incredible fashion photography – I enjoyed this the most. Publications leads you to awesome magazines, previews, books… I need to get that Industrie -magazine, at least.

Take the news -section as a warm-up, the real content is better. A webstore that is so simple that you can actually concentrate fully on shopping and checking out stuff, without wasting a second on trying to figure out how to find something, waiting something to load or thinking how this and that works. This is a rare experience, I tell you, and I surf the web (= fashion) a lot.

Highly recommended. BTW, don’t, in any circumstances, skip the sales-section. 


NET-A-PORTER.COM simply rules


The main reasons for my blog being so much into fashion and design are:

1) I’m a big fan of fashion, and 2) I’m a big fan of aesthetics.

It seems to me that the fashion industry is the forerunner as it comes to designing beautiful sites and services.

A good example of this is NET-A-PORTER.COM, a fashion webstore that offers all the latest high-end brands. It’s good entertainment and a perfect place for daydreaming – if you’re into fashion, that is. It is a simple site with very simple features, but it has a very clear concept. You’re able to start browsing/shopping by “What’s new” or “By Designer” or “By Boutique” (consisting of themes such as loungewear, essentials, wedding, work wear or vacation) or just choosing the product categories (clothing, lingerie, bags, shoes or accessories).

One of the nicest new features is the “My Account” section where you can create your own wishlist – it’s simple but works well, and creates something concrete out of the daydreaming… It also includes a “My Closet” section, where all the products you have ever shopped from NET-A-PORTER.COM can be seen. You are also able to personalize your newsletters by selecting your favorite designers. It’s a very much appreciated feature, but still surprisingly rare.

The magazine section is one huge style book with an “Outlook Reminder” feature, which allows you to pick a certain style or outfit and automatically add it as a reminder to your calendar. The video section is basically about designer runway clips and interviews.

Last but not least, they do have Sales also – highly recommended.


Anthropologie.com is so pretty it hurts

Anthropologie’s website not only looks pretty, it works like you would wish every webstore to work. After visiting their stores in NYC several times, I know they’ve managed to present the spirit of the brand really well online.

Anthropologie has been expanding it’s operations: they have over hundred stores in ca. 30 states in the US and presence in Canada also. The online store has been available for Europeans couple of years. The first European Anthropologie store opened in UK London in October 2009.

They provide a comprehensive catalog for inspiration at the physical stores on monthly basis, a catalog so nice that I would call it a coffee table book. It’s not something you throw away, as it’s way too well made. First of all, it doesn’t feel like a product catalog: printed on a quality paper, high quality images, beautifully designed, every detail in place. Simply speaking, it’s not catalog-ish. From the online version of the catalog, you can directly select items and add them to your shopping bag, and you can directly post every item to Facebook or Twitter. Nice and easy. And this is just a bonus.

The actual webstore is divided into four sections: clothes, shoes & bags, jewelry & accessories and at home.

For example, when choosing “clothes”, “50’s inspired dresses”, “circle” and “Around The World Dress”; you end up into a view with impressive selection of functionalities to choose from. First of all; you’re able to zoom the dress right away when mouseovering. Nice, easy and fast. Of course basic stuff like “open larger image” appears also, but you’re also offered to be able to download the dress image.

After checking out the basic info on the “Details” layer (material, size, availability, colour, prize, add to shopping bag, send to friend, share at Facebook/Twitter), you can move on to “Reviews” page. On that particular page, you’re able to read reviews and check out ratings for the dress. Cool! And this info is also made easy to share on Facebook, Digg, del.icio.us and MySpace.

To make sure to be totally up-to-date all the time, order the newsletter and download the Anthropologie widget (available also directly from the product page). What more can you ask for? Thicker wallet probably. 



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Russian criminal tattoo goes Paul Smith

Paul Smith sent an email, offering me exclusively a book about Russian Criminal Tattoos. Encyclopaedia Volume III. There was 15 signed copies available. I got the email on 23rd October 2008 and saved it because I thought it was cool.

At the time, I had just watched the movie Eastern Promises. Fashion is kind of an interest (obsession I guess) for me, now also the russian criminal tattoos were – as kinky as it sounds. Tattoos have a significant role in the movie. If you haven’t seen Eastern Promises, watch it. It’s a violent, sad and totally miserable movie. But it’s a good one.

By using this particular book in marketing, Paul Smith added so much attitude into its brand that I can’t think of a better way to do it. With or without the movie. When searching “paul smith russian criminal tattoos” from Google, there’s loads of results.

The product range and the overall service of www.paulsmith.com is quite exceptional, for a global fashion brand. Paul Smith himself started the company and still works there as a designer and a chairman.

First of all it isn’t just clothing. Online it’s also a bookstore, a hilarious giftstore eg. Gorilla EraserLladro Sky Blue Cactus, Skis for Edelwiser, art store with Tara Darby prints, and last but not least even Paul Smith fine china. The only thing not up to date is the the Music co-op that has ended ca. 1 year ago in January 2008.

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Camper – The shoes I hate, the brand I love

I immediately knew I didn’t like their shoes. I will never buy and definitely never wear them. But goddamn, they know their marketing. I browse the site every now and then, get their newsletter and everything. I have told several friends of mine how much I like what they do (not with the shoes, with the marketing). Every detail, every tiny thing is thought through. I don’t know if this is even marketing, it’s branded entertainment I’d say. At least for me it is.

There’s always something surprising – there’s actually no logic at all. The quality: all the images are brilliant and the overall design concept is sharp. As it comes to usability, that’s an experience also: you basically know what you get, but there’s always a cherry on top of the cake. Either concept- or content wise, usually both.

The old Camper hit is Casa Camper in Barcelona (always fully booked) and the new hit is a shoe collection by the designer Hella Jongerius. I’m a fan of Jongerius (www.jongeriuslab.com). Alfredo Häberli, who is known also for his designs for Iittala, now also has a shoe collection. Way to go Hella and Alfredo.

Camper is all in all a bit more than you would expect. Positive surprises really create the happy experience, and that will always take me back to the shoes I don’t like. That’s magic.



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Obsession with Nudie Jeans Co.

The damn video, it keeps on haunting me. In a good way, though. The Fine Art of Denim by Nudie Jeans has all the needed bits and pieces in it. And I didn’t know I like this kind of music? Well, I truly do.

Nudiejeans.com makes buying jeans nice and easy: they provide a  Fit Guide that really gives the idea how the jeans fit – so far the best guide I’ve tried. 

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Hit från Sverige: Elvine

A Swedish fashion brand, Elvine, caught my eye some time ago. Especially because of the stylish, affordable clothing line (will get Amelie for sure), but what really makes them unique is the story behind the brand – and how it’s told. Another thing I appreciate and find interesting, is that they actually DO stuff to support other creatives and designers, it’s not solely promotional. The concept of Creator’s Inn by Elvine is just brilliant. Go there.



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