Sunday 11, May 2014

Sia / Chandelier

Saturday 26, April 2014

Spike Jonze / Her

YouTube Preview Image


Definitely a must see.

Saturday 26, April 2014

Wes Anderson / Forrest Gump

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Monday 21, April 2014

Donna Tartt / The Goldfinch



Do you have plans for the summer? Yes, I do.

Saturday 22, February 2014

By Malene Birger / The Ladies of The World SS 2014

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I simply adore the style. If there would be only one brand to wear, BMB would be it. Btw, the music of the clip is by The Lovely Liar, AKA Tatiana Pajkovic.

Sunday 10, November 2013

YSL / The Movie

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Next year, this is a must see.


Sunday 20, October 2013

Marimekko Weather Diary Collection


This Marimekko clip is quite rich in atmosphere. I reckon it opens up the design process on a very distinguished manner.

Monday 14, October 2013

Searching for Sugar Man

YouTube Preview Image


I have always been extremely picky on what to watch on tv. My commitment to tv: I owned one back in 2007. I watch couple of series per year, some documentaries, some movies from my laptop. As I’m very picky, I hate being disturbed by advertising when concentrating on my carefully selected program. My criteria for movies/series/other stuff is basically the same I have for books: quality. That’s why I love YLE Areena and love to pay the tax for developing that extraordinary service. Searching for Sugarman, YLE Areena for two more days:


Sunday 13, October 2013

A Beautiful Closure



My new friend Kati had made this beautiful closure page for her presentation. I admire her eye for detail. Sorry about the quality of the photo, but I’m sure you get the idea. Have a lovely Sunday.

Saturday 12, October 2013

Day 37, Saturday 12th – The First One Down



Today we had the closure of our first course, design driven business. We all presented our last assignment. An exiting, fun and informational session. Turning Tables, Slow Furniture, 3D personalization, Creabis, exhibition service, mental health and design driven business… Lots of new ideas and inspiration, good discussions and feedback. A really good Saturday. Just to keep in mind the design driven spirit, here’s an iceberg to remind about the ratio between what we see and what’s the size of the entity.